What is a Water Cut Meter in the Oil Industry?

Oil well pump

Water cut measurement is pivotal in the petroleum industry, ensuring proper measurement and transfer of produced oil. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of water cut measurement, explore how it is expressed and measured, and highlight the indispensable role of a water cut meter in the petroleum industry. What is Water Cut […]

West Texas Crude Oil Seminar

April 24 – 25 2024 | Midland, TX | Midland County Horseshoe Join us for a two-day crude oil training presented by Cherokee Measurement & Control in partnership with Daniel Measurement and Control, Phase Dynamics, Brodie International, SCS Technologies and Angus Measurement.  Download the flyer What You Will Learn Precision in Crude Oil Measurement Water […]

Mastering Density Measurement: A Comprehensive Guide to Density Meters

Definition of Density Measurement Density measurement refers to the quantitative assessment of the mass per unit volume of a substance. It is a crucial parameter in various industries, providing insights into the compactness and concentration of materials. This measurement is expressed in terms of density units, and it plays a pivotal role in quality control, […]

Mastering the Basics: A Comprehensive Guide to Liquid Level Measurement

In numerous industries, the importance of level measurement cannot be overstated. Precision, reliability, and efficiency are critical factors in processes ranging from the measurement of liquid levels in tanks to monitoring the hydrostatic pressure within vessels. The choice of a level transmitter designed for these specific tasks can significantly affect the quality of results. This […]

Mastering Stable Gas Flow: Exploring Diaphragm vs. Piston Sensing Natural Gas Regulators

Regulator Station Energy KnowledgeBase

Photo courtesy of Energy KnowledgeBase Natural gas is a cornerstone in energy management, fueling various industries and households. However, the safe and efficient utilization of natural gas relies heavily on precise control, ensuring its flow conforms to specific standards. This is where gas pressure regulators come into play. These ingenious devices act as silent custodians, […]

Cherokee Measurement & Control Proudly Unveils Elohi: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

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[TULSA, OK] – September 12, 2023 – Cherokee Measurement & Control (CM&C), a well-known name in the hydrocarbon industry for two decades, is excited to announce the launch of Elohi, its dedicated division committed to sustainable energy solutions and the advancement of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Elohi represents CM&C’s strategic step towards pioneering sustainable energy […]

Sample System 101 in Natural Gas: Enhancing Analytical Precision and Reliability

Sample System Tubing

Understanding the Significance of a Sample Conditioning System In the intricate landscape of gas analysis, the role of sample conditioning systems stands paramount. These systems, often called sample conditioning systems, play an instrumental role in ensuring that samples extracted from various processes are suitable for analysis by analyzer systems. The journey from source to analyzer […]

The Science of Safe Heating: Understanding Catalytic Heaters Flameless and Low-Risk Operation

Bruest Catalytic Heaters

The quest for safe and eco-friendly heating solutions has become increasingly critical today. Among the options, catalytic heaters are a leading technology catering to modern heating needs with remarkable efficiency and safety. Understanding the essence of a catalytic heater is crucial as they offer various benefits that surpass traditional heating methods. The catalytic heater, particularly […]

The Importance of Flow Conditioning in Accurate Flow Measurement: A Deep Dive into Flow Conditioners

cpa flow conditioner vortab alternative

Accurate flow measurement is crucial in various industries and applications to ensure efficient operations, process optimization, and cost savings. Proper flow measurement allows for better control over processes and helps identify potential issues or inefficiencies. However, achieving accurate flow measurements can be challenging due to flow disturbances and other factors that affect measurement reliability. Flow […]

Understanding Positive Displacement Flow Meters: A Comprehensive Guide

Accurate liquid flow measurement is crucial for various industries, enabling precise control of processes, efficient resource allocation, and reliable operation. A positive displacement flow meter, or pd meter, is vital in achieving this accuracy by providing highly precise and repeatable measurements. These meters are designed to accurately measure the volume of fluid flowing through a […]