Cherokee Measurement & Control Proudly Unveils Elohi: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

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[TULSA, OK] – September 12, 2023 – Cherokee Measurement & Control (CM&C), a well-known name in the hydrocarbon industry for two decades, is excited to announce the launch of Elohi, its dedicated division committed to sustainable energy solutions and the advancement of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Elohi represents CM&C’s strategic step towards pioneering sustainable energy solutions and contributing to a greener future.

Elohi specializes in the rapidly evolving Decarbonization Markets, focusing on RNG upgrade facilities, virtual pipeline injection, and metering and regulation applications. Combining its analytical prowess with industry know-how, the division provides a comprehensive approach, encompassing design, integration, maintenance, and consultation services. With RNG production poised for exponential growth, the company steps in as a reliable guide, helping clients navigate through the complexities of this dynamic sector.

“Cherokee Measurement & Control is proud to introduce Elohi as our green energy initiative. We firmly believe sustainable energy solutions like RNG will be pivotal in shaping a greener, cleaner future. Elohi is our dedication to making this future a reality,” said Joe Ragsdale, President at Cherokee Measurement & Control.

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About Cherokee Measurement & Control:

Established in 2003, Cherokee Measurement & Control has been a trusted partner in the hydrocarbon industry. Over two decades, they’ve expanded their expertise to include Cherokee Integrations & Solutions, Cherokee Technical Solutions, and their industrial division – DACO (formerly The Dave Allert Company), providing manufacturer representation, custom integration packages, and field solutions. With Elohi, their sustainable energy division, they are at the forefront of innovation, addressing the evolving needs of the Renewable Natural Gas and decarbonization markets.

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