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What We Do

Cherokee Integrations & Solutions provides analytical solutions and packaging for the natural gas midstream, processing, and transportation markets. With our analytical experience and knowledge, we ensure the integrity of our solutions through industry standards, best practices, and detailed craftsmanship. Increase speed, efficiency, and safety in your gas analysis operations with one of our turnkey solutions.

Our Integration Capabilities

Integrated Analyzer Shelter

Analyzer Shelter Building

Bring convenience and accuracy to your field operations with our fully customizable interiors and exteriors to meet your state regulatory compliance. Design your desired analysis system with the ability to incorporate multiple analyzer models and sample-handling equipment. Each building has safety features, like ambient air monitoring systems and electrical classification, climate control for consistent and accurate analysis results, and complete sample handling options. Best of all, our integrated buildings are turnkey and easily set up in various field environments.

Measurement Package on Demand (MPOD)

Our Measurement Package on Demand (MPOD) is a turnkey, quick-ship, economical gas equipment enclosure building. Our MPOD interiors are fully customizable, with the ability to install multiple gas analyzer models and your choice of sample handling system. In addition, our MPODs are climate controlled for accuracy and equipment protection. Each MPOD includes safety features like ambient air monitoring, electrical classifications, and notifications for gas leaks or malfunctions notifications. When you choose an MPOD, you can have a complete gas analysis integration building on your site in no time.

Double Door Enclosure

CIS Double Door Enclosure
Our Double Door Enclosure gas analysis cabinet is the ideal solution for those desiring a smaller footprint enclosure that still offers supreme analyzer security and weather protection for any application. Its small footprint allows it to be easily installed near the sample point providing highly accurate analysis results. Each enclosure features a complete sampling system and is constructed for use in hazardous areas.

Small Footprint Enclosure (SFE)

The SFE is an exclusive Cherokee design offering all the protection of larger equipment enclosures in a fraction of the space, allowing you to install it close to the sample point. This enclosure provides the field technician with a powerful yet compact solution featuring powder-coated steel construction and a range of additional storage and operational features.

Clamshell Analyzer Enclosure

Uniquely designed with GRP construction, this enclosure offers unmatched energy efficiency in a small footprint. With NEMA 4 protection and heating, you can trust that your analysis data will be consistently accurate even in changing temperatures. This enclosure requires minimal field assembly, so you don’t have to worry about complicated setup processes or lost time.

Nitrogen System

Nitrogen System

Though compact, our Cherokee Integrations & Solutions Nitrogen System cabinets pack a punch, offering a complete solution for nitrogen-loaded surge relief and back pressure valves.

World-Class Quality-Assurance

At Cherokee Integrations and Solutions, we take pride in our industry-leading quality control process. We believe that the highest levels of performance must first begin with a reliable assurance of quality. That’s why our internal inspection process is the cornerstone of every project we work on – from the initial stages to completion. We use a combination of internal checks and hold points, functionality testing, and customer acceptance testing to guarantee each product matches our high standards for excellence before any project is even shipped out.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’m looking forward to getting our SFEs. Y’all make excellent products.”
- Brent, with a midstream pipeline company in South Texas

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