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Since 1978, Hobre Instruments has led the global market in manufacturing maintaining, and designing online analyzer systems.  Their expertise serves industries like oil, gas, dairy, metal mining & refining, energy, renewable, steel, and glass, ensuring optimal efficiency while prioritizing environmental protection. Their comprehensive range of analyzer solutions is designed to meet local requirements and exceed client specifications.

Hobre’s mission is to empower their customers with state-of-the-art technologies, driving efficiency, accuracy, and environmental consciousness. Their analyzers play crucial roles in emissions monitoring, quality control, and process optimization. They are driven by innovation and committed to delivering exceptional results. Join Hobre Instruments on the journey towards analytical excellence, revolutionizing the landscape of online analyzer systems.

Hobre Instruments Empowers RNG Compliance with Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency

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H2S, H2O, CO2  Process Analyzer

Zero Emissions Analyzer

Fuel Gas & Flare Gas Combustion Measurement

XRF Elemental Analysis in Liquids

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