Hobre TISOMIC Demo Trial

Are you looking to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your analytical processes? Discover the capabilities of the TISOMIC, with the Hobre TISOMIIC Demo Trailer brought to you by the expert team at Cherokee Measurement & Control. With our no-cost, no-setup evaluation period, you can compare the performance of your existing analyzers with the cutting-edge technology of Hobré.

What You Get:

  1. No Cost, No Hassle: We provide the Hobré Test and Evaluation Unit, support gas, regulators, sample tubing, etc. at no cost to you. Cherokee takes care of all the essentials, ensuring a seamless evaluation experience.

  2. Expert Setup and Commissioning: Our skilled Cherokee Technical Solutions team will handle all aspects of unit connection and commissioning. Validations will be performed to establish a baseline for accurate comparisons.

  3. Data Comparison Made Easy: The Test and Evaluation trailer is equipped with a data logger, allowing you to easily compare the results of the Hobré unit and your site analyzers. Downloadable data ensures comprehensive analysis.

What to Expect:

  1. Dedicated Support: Your knowledgeable sales representative will be present for the initial site commissioning, providing guidance and addressing any questions or concerns.

  2. Accurate Measurement: We require a sample point or the ability to insert a “tubing tee” to provide the sample to the Hobré unit. The required sample flow is 150mL/min, ensuring accurate measurements.

  3. Midpoint Checkup: At the 15-day mark, we will meet on-site to review the data and evaluate the operation of the units.

  4. Final Data Review: After the 30-day evaluation period, we will meet on-site to remove the Test and Evaluation Unit. We will then schedule a meeting to review the final data and provide you with valuable insights.

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